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Enies Lobby Arc Awards

Welcome to another edition of One Piece Arc Awards! I’ll be going over the MVP, Most Evil, Most Improved, Fight of the Night, and Shaqtin’ A Fool awards for the arc. Keep in mind I watched this a while ago so my memory might not be so fresh. Check out some of my other arc […]

Enies Lobby Arc Review

As I’m watching through the Fishman Island Arc – admittedly taking a while due to long work days – I thought I’d go backwards in time and start reviewing some of the previous Arcs in the show. The thing to keep in mind is this – I’m looking backwards in time, so my review will […]

Best Streaming Platforms for Anime

In the spirit of writing blog posts during working hours (don’t tell my boss), I thought I’d write a post talking about the streaming services I use for anime, and which ones I think are the best. 3. Hulu I’m currently using Hulu to watch One Piece, and it’s decent. If you’re already paying for […]

My Top 10 Anime Shows

My blog focuses primarily on One Piece, since that’s the anime that I’m watching through right now. Since I’m not watching any other anime for now, I created this blog to fully analyze and post reviews, rankings, etc. on One Piece as I go through it. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t have strong opinions […]

“Flashback” Arc Awards

The Post-War arc is a hodgepodge of different arcs, ranging from Luffy’s transport to Amazon Lily, his flashbacks to Dawn Island and the Goa Kingdom, and the return to Sabaody. Since it’s too much to focus on each micro-arc, some of them only a few episodes, I thought it would be worthwhile to talk about […]

Marineford Arc Awards

In this post, I’ll be giving out my Arc Awards for the Marineford Arc. These awards would be:-MVP-Most Evil-Most Improved-Fight of the Night-Shaqtin’ A Fool For a run-down on previous awards and what they mean, check out these posts: Impel Down Arc Awards Thriller Bark Arc Awards As per usual, I won’t include Luffy, since […]

Marineford Review

Wow… just wow. The best arc by far, entirely gripping from beginning to end, with so many twists and turns, characters, fights, and surprises. Even though I had already read through this arc with the manga, I was still astounded by how good it was in the anime, and watching it through was like re-living […]

Who is Heracles’n?

It’s been a few years since the time skip, but we all remember the man Usopp trained under – the one and only Heracles’n. I myself am only recently watching him, as I’m playing catch-up in the series. It’s interesting to speculate so much about him, because most other Straw Hats ended up with people […]

How Did Bon Kurei Survive Impel Down?

It should be well-known by now that Bon Kurei didn’t die at the end of Impel Down, when he sacrificed himself to allow Luffy to escape. Instead, he somehow survived his fight against Magellan, and became the new Queen of Newkama Land on Level 5.5. This is shown in the manga, on the cover of […]

Impel Down Arc Awards

As I’ve just finished watching the Impel Down arc, I thought it would be cool to give out some “awards” to who I thought were standouts in the arc. The superlatives will be awarded to those who aren’t Luffy – it would be unfair since, as the main character, he would probably win all of […]


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