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One Piece Bazaar

Welcome to my One Piece blog!


Hello there!

I’m just another One Piece fan currently trying to binge watch the anime. I used to read the manga a long time ago – I stopped just after the timeskip arc. I’m trying to binge watch the anime this time around.

My posts will contain spoilers for those who are behind (like me), but most people will probably already know what I’m talking about. I’ll be posting my rankings of characters, Top 10 lists, explanations and One Piece 101 type posts, theories, and reviews/critiques of major arcs and episodes.

Of course, I’ll make posts about other anime I’ve watched, but since I’m not currently watching any other ones, I’ll post general reviews.

I hope you’ll enjoy my content! Subscribe to stay up to date on my posts, you can sign up for email notifications as well.

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