In this post, I’ll be giving out my Arc Awards for the Marineford Arc. These awards would be:
-Most Evil
-Most Improved
-Fight of the Night
-Shaqtin’ A Fool

For a run-down on previous awards and what they mean, check out these posts:

As per usual, I won’t include Luffy, since he’d end up taking most of the awards as the main character of the show.

Gura Gura no Mi | One Piece Wiki | Fandom

I’ll start off with my pick for MVP: Whitebeard. Kind of a no-brainer, as he was the most powerful and major force in rescuing Ace, other than Luffy. He single-handedly absorbed the majority of attacks and did the most damage fighting, despite his old age and health issues, which showed how powerful of a person he was. It was also shown how beloved he was by the pirates he led, including the Commanders and Allied Forces under him. His strength, fatherly personality, and devotion to save Ace all propel him to the spot of MVP. I don’t think anyone else would come even close to that spot.

About Black Beard : OnePiece
Blackbeard is the only person to absorb two devil fruits

Most Evil: This was a little more difficult to choose, as I was stuck between Blackbeard and Akainu, but I ultimately chose Blackbeard. Akainu came a close second not just because he killed Ace, but because his ideals of “absolute justice” seems reckless. As we saw at the end of the arc, Koby realized that too many people were dying, despite Ace already being assasinated. It wasn’t just pirates – good marines with families were losing their lives in a pointless struggle. However, the idea of “absolute justice” is in it’s own way some form of justice, and I don’t think that Akainu was purposefully being evil, but rather willfully ignorant to people’s lives. Blackbeard, on the other hand, came in at the end of the battle, and took advantage of the situation by killing Whitebeard and stealing his devil fruit. I think Blackbeard’s actions were more purposefully evil and therefore, Blackbeard wins the Most Evil award.

How Buggy Survived from the Black Sword of Mihawk ? | Fandom
Mihawk can’t touch Buggy.

Most Improved: It’s difficult to choose “Most Improved”, since our fighters were either new to us, or locked up in prison for a long time. I hesitate to choose Buggy yet again, but I think I will, and bear with me…
Buggy, though still weak, is the only person who reaped massive success following the war. We see him because one of the Seven Warlords (warranted or not), and the head of Buggy’s Delivery Service. On the other hand, the Marines had their headquarters destroyed, with morale at an all-time low, multiple people resigning from top positions (Sengoku and Garp), and an ideological split between members. The pirates lost Whitebeard and Ace, two major fighting forces, and morale is also incredibly low among Luffy and his friends. Within the two-year time skip period, Buggy is the one person who emerged “victorious” after the war; therefore, I still nominate Buggy as the winner for Most Improved.

Little Oars Jr. from One Piece. | Favorite character, Character, Disney  characters
Makes me tear up every time.

Fight of the Night: A ton of minor fights and spats happened during this arc, and it was really cool seeing previously unrelated characters facing off. I think that any fight with Mihawk can easily take this title, as we see him almost destroying the battlefield with no devil fruit powers multiple times. In the end though, most of these fights were too short to really appreciate, as there were so many characters running around and getting engaged in different battles. I think that the winner, therefore, would be Little Oars Jr. vs Marineford. The existence of Little Oars Jr. in itself is really cool, and is a sign that there are many others that still exist like Oars and LOJ. In addition, he single-handedly rammed into Marineford, taking every single soldier head-on, including giants and Moaria, among others. His actions also ensured the pirate’s success in invading the bay of Marineford.

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C’mon, man.

Shaqtin’ A Fool: Squard. Squard, 100%. Given how the rest of the allied forces and Whitebeard pirates acted, it seems almost inconceivable that someone would be swayed against Whitebeard. Yet, Squard fell for that trick, and attacked Whitebeard himself. Can’t think of a more idiotic thing to do. Sorry, Squard, but you won this award.

What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments, and if you’d like, check out my review of Marineford.