It’s been a few years since the time skip, but we all remember the man Usopp trained under – the one and only Heracles’n. I myself am only recently watching him, as I’m playing catch-up in the series. It’s interesting to speculate so much about him, because most other Straw Hats ended up with people we are familiar with – Nami in Skypiea, Zoro with Mihawk, Franky in Vegapunk’s lab, Sanji in the Kamabakka Kingdom, and Nico Robin with the Revolutionary Army. Chopper and Brook were both dropped off in villages, but Usopp’s Heracles’n was very individual, had an outrageous personality, was very strong – and was hidden behind a mask.

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That being said, it’s just very fun to speculate who he could possibly be under the mask. Common sense tells us that it’s just a random guy, and he probably won’t pop up again after the time skip. But here are some crazy, definitely won’t be coming true theories on who could be under Heracle’s mask.

  1. Heracles’n is a lost member of the Revolutionary Army. Yes, we know he’s a botanist and was previously on another pirate crew, but he’s exceptionally strong, and was also very interested in developing Usopp when he didn’t have to. There’s really no evidence for this theory (or any other ones) but wouldn’t it be funny if he popped back up as some ranking officer in the Revolutionary Army?
  2. Heracles’n is the real Sogeking! Yes, it’s a made up character created by Usopp, but if there is a land of snipers, Heracles’n sniping skills and knowledge of explosives could make him the King of one. Once again, there is absolutely no evidence to back this up.
  3. Heracles’n is revealed to be the sniper from Gol D. Roger’s crew! This one has even less evidence because: 1. All flashbacks do not show any notable snipers, 2. Heracles claimed to have been sailing as a botanist with a different crew. But it’d be pretty neat, right?

Heracles’n is probably not notable in any way and is just himself, unassociated with anyone. But since he’s covered up in a helmet all the time, coming up with these completely unsubstantiated theories is pretty fun. If ya’ll have ideas, feel free to share!